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Bukit Randu taken from the name of a hill located in the orange groves that many cottonwood trees / tree Randu. (The name derives from Bukit Randu a hill in the vast orange grove area of a kapok trees).

Randu Hill was originally a restaurant is established on September 6, 1995. Seeing the growth and demand more and more customers, then on November 12, 2000 Restaurant Bukit Randu opened a new facility with the name of Suki Restaurant & Family Karaoke. (Bukit Randu was once a restaurant built 0n 06 September 1995. As guests' demand was Increasing, Bukit Randu restaurant opened a new facility called Suki restaurant and karaoke Room on 12 November 2000).

The restaurant menu offers Japanese cuisine and family entertainment and on August 11, 2004 to add new facilities return the Hotel and Villa. In the month of June 2008 opened a new branch located outside of the Lampung "Bukit Randu Airport Restaurant" located at Jln. Husein  Sastranegara No. 89 Cengkareng - Tangerang. (The restaurant Offered Shabu-shabu menu and Karaoke Room. On 11 august 2004 Bukit Randu opened a new facility called Hotel & Villa Bukit Randu. On june 2008 the new restaurant opened outside Lampung branch, named "Randu Hill Airport Restaurant" located at Husein Sastranegara street Cengkareng 89-Tangerang)



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